Um fertilizante brasileiro, 100% natural e sem aditivos químicos, indicado para todas as culturas.
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Our natural phosphate

Approved for use in organic production in accordance with Brazilian law 10.831, IBD/FOAM Regulations, EEC Regulation 889/08, NOP Norm, COR, Demeter and JAS Norm.

What are the main advantages of FNR?


A jazida de rocha fosfática está localizada às margens da rodovia MS-178, próximo ao município de Bonito – MS.

Nossas lavras não utilizam barragens e seguem rigorosamente todos os procedimentos e normas ambientais e de segurança.

Qualidade e desempenho para o seu agronegócio!

O FNR é 100% extraído de rocha sedimentar (fosforita) e não recebe qualquer tratamento químico. Apresenta, 12% de concentração de P2O5 total

O produto favorece a microbiota do solo, fornecendo Fosfato (P2O5), Óxido de Cálcio (CaO), Silício e micronutrientes.

Studies prove the efficiency of FNR

Agronomic research on Reactive Natural Phosphate has been carried out by EDEM Agrominerais.

The application of the FNR in pasture areas was evaluated by the Research and Training Center of the Agrarian Development and Rural Extension Agency (Cepaer/Agraer) of Mato Grosso do Sul. 

The results of the analyzes showed that the FNR increased the concentration of phosphorus in the soil , in addition to proving a constant linear elevation of the mineral as the amount of natural phosphate applied increases.

Regarding pasture productivity, Agraer's research confirmed the increase in dry mass production.

FNR x Chemical fertilizers

  • At neutral pH, FNR does not acidify the soil and does not kill soil life . 
  • Stimulates life in the soil , favoring arburicular mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria such as nitrogen fixers. 
  • It generates stronger roots and allows the plant to better withstand the weather.
  • Increase agricultural efficiency and effectively reduce environmental impact.

We are located in the municipality of Bonito, close to the main highways.

EDEM Agrominerais

Road MS 178, S/N, 30 KM, but 6 km

Ressaca Farm, Rural Area, Bonito, MS

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